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- Up to 40% less time to close vs. conventional process

- Up to 20% more organic traffic to your digital showroom

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Capture the attention of your potential buyers
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Improve the digital experience of your projects
Maximize your salespeople's time

They have been able to improve the impact of their projects with our tools.

- Up to 40% less time to close vs. conventional process

- Up to 20% more organic traffic to your digital showroom

Organic #1 ranking in Google
Up to 18% improvement in appointment-to-sales conversion rate
40% reduction in your sales process time
Increased organic traffic to your showroom by up to 20%.
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Get the results you've always wanted and leave it to your team to achieve.

We give you the tools for everyone involved in selling your project: get better results!

Manage your real estate project in one place and update your inventories and prices in record time.

Centralize and control everything about your project's sales, from promotion to closing.


Make your salespeople more effective and close sales in the shortest possible time.

Accelerate your salespeople's closing times by streamlining internal processes.


Receive all your web traffic information in one place and get better qualified leads.

Generate much more qualified leads with less campaign budget and a much greater willingness to buy


Frequently Asked Questions

We share with you the answers to the most frequently asked questions

What is Alohome used for?

Alohome is a technological platform focused on digitalizing new housing projects: apartments, houses and land. Our service includes:

1. The creation of advanced digital showrooms that accept online reservations and payments.

2. A sophisticated interface for sales consultants to make personalized quotes.

3. And an administration platform for the developer, from which he can manage inventory and prices intelligently.

All this is supported by a specialized Contact Center to maximize results.

Why do I need a digital showroom for my project?

As in many other industries, real estate digitization brings great benefits. Some of the advantages are:

1. You will be able to expand your commercial reach. By having an advanced digital showroom, open 24/7 and 100% transactional, you can capture direct traffic and reach new markets, while increasing profiling and accelerating the closing times of your leads.

2. You will reduce costs. By capturing direct traffic and increasing your conversion rate, your cost of sales can be reduced considerably.

3. You will increase your revenue. With some of Alohome's smart features (such as dynamic pricing) project revenues can increase.

How does Alohome complement my digital marketing team?

At Alohome we focus on the success of each project, so we partner with your digital marketing team to integrate lead generation efforts.

If you don't have one, we can recommend the best in the industry to ensure your project is a success!

For how many days can I have my digital showroom for free?

Your free trial in Alohome is 21 days. During that period, or at the end, you can purchase a paid plan (it can be the same one you started with or a different one) and continue enjoying all the tools to get the maximum potential of your real estate project.

Paid plans have two modalities: monthly or yearly, the latter offering a percentage discount. You choose which one best suits the needs of your project.