Aug 2023

What do homebuyers look for in a web experience?

Let's talk about what homebuyers look for on a website dedicated to the sale of real estate developments.

What do homebuyers look for in a web experience?

Welcome to our Alohome blog! This time, we will delve into the importance of User Experience (UX) on a website dedicated to the sale of real estate developments. Join us to explore each section; from the location, online quotes, and even how to work in harmony to provide an exceptional digital showroom.

Let's start with the basics What is UX and what is it for?

The UX (User Experience) is essential in a real estate website, as it generates a positive impression, facilitates navigation, increases user confidence and fosters engagement and retention. When developing the site, it is crucial to consider a user-centric design, intuitive navigation, and a secure and transparent environment for performing important actions, such as listing a property or making online payments.

Crucial elements to consider:

  • User-centered design to generate a positive impression
  • Intuitive navigation and presentation of information to facilitate exploration
  • Secure and transparent environment to increase user confidence in important actions such as reserving a property or making payments online

What do homebuyers look for in a web experience?

1. Location: Finding the ideal location

One of the fundamental pillars for a successful real estate experience is the location. A website aimed at selling a real estate development must present information about the location of the project in an attractive way. This includes interactive maps, details about the surroundings, nearby services, points of interest and accessibility to important roads. The idea is that potential buyers can clearly visualize the environment in which their future home will be located and feel attracted from the first moment.

2. View availability: Immediate access to options

A dedicated real-time availability section is essential to provide confidence to stakeholders. Users must have access to up-to-date information on available units, including features, dimensions, distribution and prices. It is crucial that this section is easy to navigate and optimized for mobile devices, as this will allow them to browse the inventory quickly and from anywhere.

3. On-Line Box: Secure and fast reservation

The ability to reserve a property directly from the website provides a significant advantage in the user experience. A streamlined, secure and easy-to-understand online listing process gives potential buyers confidence and allows them to make quicker decisions. The implementation of secure payment gateways and financing options are essential elements in this section.

4. Online payment: Ease and security in the transaction.

The website should offer online payment options that are secure, easy to use and reliable. Incorporating secure and recognized payment gateways will give shoppers peace of mind during the purchase process. In addition, it is important to clearly display payment details, including price breakdowns, additional charges and deadlines to create an environment of transparency and trust.

5. 2D Model: Realistic visualization of the project

The presentation of 2D mock-ups or realistic renderings is a powerful tool for users to get a clear idea of what the real estate development will look like once completed. This section should be designed to provide an immersive and detailed experience that shows the different types of units available, as well as the common areas and amenities of the project.

6. Online quotations: Personalization and Transparency

The ability to obtain customized online quotes for different types of units and financing options is a deciding factor for many buyers. A website should offer a calculator of fees and associated costs, allowing users to adjust different variables and obtain clear, accurate and real-time results. Transparency in this section is key to building trust and showing commitment to customer satisfaction.

In short, a website dedicated to the sale of real estate developments must function as a digital showroom, providing an exceptional user experience from the first interaction to the final transaction. The combination of solid location information, easy access to availability, online checkout and payment processes, realistic 2D mockups and personalized quotes, translate into a digital environment that captivates and inspires confidence in potential buyers. At Alohome we are proud to offer this unique experience and look forward to accompanying you in the search for your new home!